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Safe, User-friendly Parking and Access control


The Detecta ANPR Solution

The ability to identify vehicles by number plates is very powerful. It requires no additional investment on the part of the vehicle owner is enforced by traffic laws and can be used by a variety of users.

Access to various places invariably have a security component, a financial component and also a management component. The need for an accurate, affordable ANPR system is clear.

The success of an ANPR solution lies in the fact that it should be accurate, affordable and of easy to install or retro-fitted. The DETECTA ANPR system offers the following key features



High level of vehicle detection using standard low cost CCTV cameras. By adding image processing enhancements to the video stream above average performance is achieved, even on lower cost cameras.

Exceptionally high level of vehicle detection under all-weather conditions as well as day/night operations. By using dedicated ANPR cameras we are able to mitigate the effects of vehicle headlights, sun light and other reflections. In addition, the images are all pre-processed to enhance the reading capability and this is followed by a very powerful character recognition system. The system is able to read any number plate used by all countries in the SADC region, even personalised plates. It is also capable of reading plates at oblique camera angles, allowing more camera installation options.

In addition to number plate capture the system is able to capture an image of the driver’s face as well as an overview of the vehicle itself.

Additional features include vehicle colour detection as well as a sophisticated means to ensure that drivers actually look into the camera when triggering the device. This is done through a face detection system which could be upgraded to include facial recognition if required.

In all ANPR applications the system must be triggered to execute the frame grabbing event. The DETECTA system offers multiple options ranging from detection in free-flow mode through to camera motion detection or direct trigger through card/ticket dispensing, button pressing or magnetic loops.

Data Management
Detection is only part of the game though. Behind the system is a
powerful database management system which manages the
access flow in the facility. This could include simple logging of
vehicle traffic to matching entry and exit events for complete
Using an ANPR system it is easy to find owners of vehicles with lost
tickets and instead of annoying them by paying a penalty for the
loss of the ticket, the entry event can easily be found and a new
ticket be issued and the correct fee be charged.
Detecta can be interfaced to back-end systems to offer automated
access to premises for authorised vehicles. Automated cloud-based
solutions are available through our strategic partner Admyt.

Detecta Information Management
ANPR systems can also be used in many other ways:
Fully automated entry for loyal customers can be provided
to ensure rapid entry and exit and improve the general traffic
flow. This can be extended to linking the payment system in such a way so as to open the boom automatically if the ticket for a specific vehicle has been paid.
Full management of cargo vehicles can offer high security at the cargo areas
ANPR system can be used to build public relations with clients and especially regular clients. The system can welcome regular visitors by using display boards and where detail information is available such as personalised messages on leaving and returning could be offered.
The DETECTA system can integrate or exchange information with the e-Natis system and also with the Police’s stolen vehicle database. If the local municipality has its own database of vehicle offenders, Protoclea has the expertise to integrate to that as well. Such sharing of information can further assist in reducing crime. These arrangements must be concluded by the user.

Customer Relations
Using the Detecta Parking Management system, many advantages can be given to Parking Lot security.
Automatic entry for white lists can be provided so that authorised vehicles can automatically pass.
Welcome and Send-off messages can be presented to customers of the mall or
complex. This will make customers feel special.
Analysis of data will offer extensive management features to assist with vehicle flow trends, parking access efficiency, and so on.
"Welcome back, Miss Jefferson
Your special parking spot is available."

Detecta Support
Protoclea also offers an automated health management system. This system can be added to monitor the ANPR system in terms of subsystem communications, camera availability, detect dirty lenses or cameras pushed out of position and so on. It can automatically inform maintenance personnel of any failure to reduce downtime to the minimum. This system can be expanded to also monitor standard CCTV systems.
Last but not least is the final support of such a system. Protoclea strongly recommends a service support contract (SLA) to ensure a high level of availability of the system.

The DETECTA system is a comprehensive vehicle management solution. It has the further benefit of being a South African product, offering our clients direct access to developers and the ability to customise the system to specific requirements.
ANPR need not only be a security measure, it can enhance the environment to the benefit of drivers and building owners alike. It is time to realise that security systems do not have to be a separate, yet necessary “grudge” purchase, but rather a desirable, integrated business tool that offers valuable information whilst adding assurance, comfort and convenience features to both sides of the parking garage user spectrum.
This is a brief description of some of the features available in the Protoclea DETECTA ANPR system. For further discussions please contact us to arrange for a personalised demonstration.