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Safeguarding large areas

The Oxylus terrain scanning system

In many applications it is necessary to survey very large areas for human activity. When monitoring large areas such as reserves, borders or farm lands, it is difficult to cover the entire area with short range cameras or other detection systems. The Oxylus system is a modern, powerful system designed to monitor large tracts of land for animal and human movement. It includes the following features:

  • • 360° surveillance
  • • Thermal and daylight cameras
  • • 24 hour monitoring
  • • Accurate geo-locating of target objects
  • • Low operational cost
  • • Ease of use


The main objective of the Oxylus system is to pro-actively warn about incoming threats. It is designed to maximise the response time so that the appropriate response can be launched. Traditional perimeter detection only covers a narrow area, and leaves little time to plan a response. Scanning in areas on either side of the perimeter, in addition to the perimeter itself, allows for more time to act on incoming threats.

Border Surveillance

International border surveillance, as well as fence surveillance is a critical component of securing an area. Some of the challenges include harsh environmental conditions with extreme temperatures, dense vegetation, and large tracts of land into which trespassers can escape. The Oxylus system was designed to deal with these problems, detecting crossings, but also warning of incoming threats and detecting humans that have already crossed and are now hidden in the wider area.


Poaching in game reserves is very difficult to detect and control. Traditional perimeter detection can assist, but in large areas it is equally important to find trespassers once they have crossed the perimeter.

Farm protection is a complex issue as the threats can come over long distances and it is impractical to put short range sensing devices such as cameras to cover the entire area.

Other applications

  • • Farm Protection
  • • Mining Security
  • • Airport Security
  • • Wide Area Monitoring

The Oxylus system works by scanning an area around a mast or a mobile platform using a long range thermal camera and a high resolution daylight camera.
Oxylus software showing the thermal image (top right), daylight image (bottom right) and a map with geo-located hotspots and high risk zones(left)
Detected targets are plotted on a map, and if desired, alarms are triggered. An operator then has the option of verifying the alarm by manually controlling the cameras to look at the detected targets on both a thermal and daylight image, and from this he/she can either dismiss the alarm (false alarm), or escalate it using the correct standard operating procedures. If an operator is not present, or does not respond to new alarms, the alarm information (coordinates, time, etc.) can be transmitted via sms, e-mail or other available communication systems.
If equipped, the operator has the ability to point a strong spotlight at the target, in order to identify the threat using a telephoto lens on a high resolution daylight camera, or to simply warn any trespassers that they have been detected.
The Oxylus system scans the environment in an intelligent pattern. The scanning pattern is executed as fast as the terrain allows. By using the very narrow focal length of the thermal camera to scan the long distances, while also being able to scan closer-in areas, it is capable of scanning an entire area effectively. Although the standard setup can pick up humans within 1.5km of the tower, a stabilised platform with a higher end thermal camera can be used which allows for observation of human-sized objects at distances up to 10km away. The system can also be equipped with a long range zoom camera to provide visual confirmation during daylight hours of any detected threat.

• Up to 1500m radius detection
• 24/7 operation
• Most weather conditions
• Customisable scan pattern
• User Friendly
• Multi-level user access
• Alarms
• Audible
• System notification
• E-mail

Since this product is developed locally, custom integration options are also available.